Wow! 2018 Already

Start of a new year and I realise I haven't posted a blog entry to this site since February 2017! Have I an excuse? Not really, been busy with the day job and photography has had to take a back seat. Well....

I am guilty! I have not posted a blog entry since February 2017 – that is almost 11 months ago. Amazing how time flies. To be honest I have been really busy working and photography has taken a back seat; not forgotten but just limited in the time I could spare to get out in the landscapes. So what has happened photographically in the last 11 months?

Well I have changed camera systems. Whilst I loved the image quality and feel of the medium format Pentax 645z, I had two problems with it. Firstly it was just too large and too heavy, especially when coupled with the Pentax wide angle zoom (which I used 80% of the time); secondly I am not sure Pentax is going to develop the system further so I saw no future in the system. So whilst the resale values were still good, I shipped it off to Ffordes of Inverness (who I always use) and part exchanged the system for the new Fuji GFX 50s and a couple of lenses (23mm prime and 32-64mm zoom). I will cover my thoughts on the Fuji GFX in a future post, but in summary it is brilliant!.

Shortly after moving to the Fuji GFX, I finally got fed up with my Sony A7Rii – again excellent image quality, but no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t get use to using it and certainly didn’t like it. So, off it went to Ffordes with all its lenses and back came a Fuji XT-2 with three zooms; 10-24mm, 18-55mm and 55-200mm. Having almost the same controls, menu and layout between both bodies makes like easy 😊

I did manage to get away for some photographic time in 2017. I started to explore the Lake District (lots more to do); had a week on the North Devon coast for some coastal photography; had a few days in Glencoe (absolutely terrible weather) then on for some days on the Isle of Harris (stunning); plus a number of weekend trips to Snowdonia. A selection of the images from these trips can be found in the Portfolio section of my site.

So, what are my photography New Year Resolutions for 2018?

  • Become more disciplined in providing updates to my Blog;
  • Going to get up to the Lake District more as it has a lot to offer;
  • Explore the Peak District. Being so close to home, I really should be seeing what it has to offer;
  • Visit Iceland for some winter photography (already booked);
  • Another trip to the Isle of Harris.

So, hopefully a much more productive year ahead 😊

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