Oh What a Year!

Just as I was getting into my photographic flow, Murphy's law (an adage or epigram that is typically stated as: "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong") stuck and I ended up recovering from two operations...

Well it has been one of those years; at the end of last year (September 2015) whilst in Iceland, I ripped the meniscus in my knee which isn’t very pleasant. The following January I was in Lofoten (on a lot of pain killers) and when I got back I went in to have the knee repaired. Well that should have been it – “8 weeks recovery and off you go again”; however after 12 weeks I could still only walk short distances before the tear started to hurt and swell!

So after a number of physio sessions, it was decided to operate again. During the operation they took another 3mm off the cartilage, but said they couldn’t see anything wrong. Well, something was fixed as after 8 weeks I was discharged from the surgeon and I was back to building up the walking mileage!

Now, I am fit again – can handle miles with my camera pack on my pack and recently returned from 10 days in North West Scotland. Basically ready for the winter, so watch this site for new work arriving shortly 🙂

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