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Again I have changed my Web Site! Technology and Service Providers move on and evolve, so I often review what I am using and what it is costing...
I had been using SmugMug for 18 months and it worked very well. The lack of a true Blog facility was an annoyance, but it was workable. Whilst SmugMug is very customisable, it isn’t the most straight forward to customise. You need to understand CSS and also where to add tweaks to the CSS to get the site looking how you want it. But that is manageable and once you have worked it all out, it is easy enough. So why have I changed?
I still had a WordPress site running, so out of interest I looked to see if the WordPress eccosystem had matured. What I found was things had come on a long way, and now it is much easier to customise and manage a site.
Having a WordPress site (as part of my email hosting service) and a SmugMug site didn’t make financial sense. So I decided to make things simpler and move back to WordPress.
So the new WordPress site is now “live” and I hope you will find it easy to use. All feedback is welcome, so please leave a comment below

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