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Wow! 2018 Already

Start of a new year and I realise I haven’t posted a blog entry to this site since February 2017! Have I an excuse? Not really, been busy with the day job and photography has had to take a back seat. Well….

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New Website

Time for a change and time for a new website. Everyone is recommending the hosted, “out-of-the-box” hosted site solutions, so time to try it for myself…

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Oh What a Year!

Just as I was getting into my photographic flow, Murphy’s law (an adage or epigram that is typically stated as: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”) stuck and I ended up recovering from two operations…

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Cover Shot on Digital SLR Photography

I don’t approach magazines (I expect I should but I don’t), so it was out of the blue that a magazine approached me and asked if they could run some of my images. Later I was told they even put one on the cover…

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RPS Licentiateship Success

You are sitting there nervous, with sweating hands, whilst someone discusses the 10 prints you have presented, and then you wait for the summary and announcement, wondering what they are going to say…

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Competition Win!

From the judge – “A very eye catching dramatic and moody sea scape. Great composition with lots happening with a really nice feel and quality to the light”…

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Back out taking photographs

It has been a long recovery and at times I wondered if I would ever get back out in the hills with a camera, but today was one of the first steps in getting back out there…

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Back Online

Well I am back online following my operation; not a great experience and one that will take a while to recover from…

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