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I am a keen (or is that obsessive) landscape photographer living in Cheshire (England) who between the demands of a busy day job, loves to be outdoors practicing my photography.

To me photography is addictive; there is always something to learn – not just the techniques, not just the way to compose, nor how to handle the light; but learning how to capture the way the landscape makes me feel. I know this will be a never ending journey as around each bend there will be another scene to capture and a lot more to learn.

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Tripod Wars in the Lake District!

Autumn is here and so a quick trip to the Lakes was called for to see how the colour was developing. What I wasn’t expecting was “tripod wars” at dusk on a jetty…

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Best Weather Forecasting Site for Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is about being in the right place, at the right time in the right weather conditions; so knowing what conditions are forecast is really important. I have tried lots of weather forecast apps and sites, but the one I keep using – and I find to be the most acurate – is

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New Web Site

Again I have changed my Web Site! Technology and Service Providers move on and evolve, so I often review what I am using and what it is costing…

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